The Bronx, New York Chapter

"The Family Chapter"

In 1992, Mrs. Cheryl Simmons Oliver began a journey to form the Bronx, New York Chapter with 20 interested mothers. These mothers shared the same concerns, interests and goals for their children and had a desire to offer opportunities to the children of the Bronx to make their communities stronger.  In July 1994, during the National Convention in Austin, Texas the Bronx New York Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated was confirmed.  Later that year, The Bronx, New York Chapter adopted the theme “The Family Chapter” which provides cultural, social, civic and recreational activities to stimulate and expand the minds of the Bronx’ community children.  As we strive to fulfill the objectives of Jack and Jill, our members have shared their resources with the community and provided activities for children throughout the Bronx.